Himalayan Himalayan Mini Salt Lamp Sphere orange

Mini Himalayan salt lamp bulb orange - USB LED lights. Of The lamp comes with adapter.
High light approx 8cm
Weight: approximately 500 grams
Salt Crystal Origin: Pakistan A natural air purifier and dehumidifier. Except that the salt lamp is an asset for the home or office to improve the salt lamp also health. If the salt lamp is in use causes the heat of the bulb. The salt lamp simple way using the supplied USB cable to the computer are aangesloten.Dit unique gift ..... stamp - is a natural air purifier stamp - is a natural dehumidifier stamp - promotes relaxation - helps releasing stress stamp - has 6 highly efficient LED lights that last 20,000 hours stamp - gives positive energy and atmosphere, both at home and at work stamp - radiating with warm changing colors, a gem in each departure stamp - improves sleep stamp - is an ideal nightlight for kids and grandparents stamp - helps improve the atmosphere in your computer and working environment
Salt lamps are not only an asset for the home or at work, but also improve health and well-being, the cleaner air we breathe. Except that ensures a salt lamp also ensure that allergie�n ailments and are held at a distance. For a cheap and easy way of improving the health of the whole family, try a salt lamp Specifications: stamp - Coarse salt lamp hand built model stamp - Rubber Wooden round base stamp - Fixed cable with USB connection to, among other things! : TV, DVD player, computer, laptop, black, length 130 cm stamp - Number of LEDs: 6 EUR - Cable white 130 cm stamp - Weight: � 500 gr � stamp - Packaging : beautiful gift box with information in English. stamp - Brochure: supplied in two languages ??(Dutch and German)

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