Himalayan Salt Lamp Yogitri Nature Natural Shape 2-4 kg

The salt of the salt lamps is centuries old and contributes to good health and leefomgeving.Vanaf mid-September to bestellen.Zoutlampen again with a natural shape | About 2000 to 6000 years ago by the evaporation of ancient oceans it rock salt, halite, arise. By high pressure originated from the residual salt halite. This halite occurs worldwide in larger and smaller formations. For human welfare salt plays an essential role. The matter of the salt lamp restores the balance of the residential atmosphere by emitting negative ions. In addition to these salt lamps give a beautiful, warm light, they give remarkable results in hyperactive children (ADHD) with concentration and sleep problems.
Furthermore, this light just as the other salt lamps an ionizing effect. An excess of positive ions caused by, inter alia, monitors and other electronic devices, can cause lethargy and depression. This phenomenon can be counteracted by a high concentration of negative ions. These are present in waterfalls, sea, after a thunderstorm or salt crystals. The salt lamp can make an important contribution to balance the electric charge of living and working quarters.
The lamp standing on a wooden platform and comes with fitting cord pressure switch (2-pole connector CE mark) and lamp. No guarantee on the functioning of the bulb.

€ 18,50

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