Lisa Gerrard The Mirror Pool CD

On the CD & ldquo; The Mirror Pool & rdquo ;, there's her best solo work from the time she was a member of the band Dead Can Dance. Lisa Gerrard HAS recorded a lot of soundtracks for major film productions, zoals The Gladiator, Ali (a biography of sports legend Muhammad Ali), Heat and Man on Fire.nLisa Garrard The Mirror Pool tracking list
Violina: The Last Embrace (5:44)
Bas: Song of the Drowned (7:41)
Persian Love Song: The Silver Gun (2:33)
Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow (3:48 )
Rite (3:22)
Ajhon (3:09)
Glorafin (4:50)
Majhnavea's Music Box (1:34)
Largo (2 52)
Was (1:39)
laurelei (5:58)
Celon (6:06)
Venteles (2:37)
Swans (5 47)
Nilleshna (6:29)
Gloradin (3:56)
Total time: 1:08:05

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