Hein Braat. Gayatri Mantra - CD

Gayatri mantra
The second mantra on this CD is the Maha Mantra Mrityunjaya. And what a mantra that's! This mantra is Said to juvenate, maintain good health, -improvesleep well-being and prosperity and to take care of a long life in peace, love, prosperity and satisfaction. That Seems quite a lot, but just listen to it, (with your heart, not just your ears) and yes, it & rsquo; s all that. It is the mantra of the lord Shiva. It arouses the Shiva force within you and puts an end to fear of death and liberates you from the circle of life and death. Impressive as can be.
The continuous recitation of this mantra (patiently and with dedication) could lead to nothing less than enlightenment. This mantra evokes peace and reflection. Listen or sing along with Hein & rsquo; s impressive voice and discover the silence within.nTrack Listing
1. Gayatri Mantra 31.32 minutes
2. Mrityeonjaya Maha Mantra 31.12 minutes
Total Time: 62.44n

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