Hein Braat. Kali Mantra - CD

The Kali Mantra is about the trinity of creation, maintenance and destruction. Often Kali Has A negative meaning, but nothing has been Further from the truth. It is the imagination of the natural cycles, the creative powers and the giver of new life. Shakti / Kali is life itself.

Kali Mantra The Kali Mantra AIMS at acknowledging and worshiping the deepest of the whole creation. It is the metaphor of total liberation from suffering: by destroying everything, new life is created. Kali Appears in Times When chaos and destruction need to be trans formed into Love and Harmony. A mantra-which will touch you deeply.nTrack Listing
1. Kali Mantra 31.19 minutes
2. Narayana 21:29 minutes
3. Om Namaha Shivaya 10:04 hours
Total Time: 62.52nn

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